The Huntsville Times

These are all the people in this index whose obituaries appeared in the publication The Huntsville Times. Click "View details" to view information about their obituary. Clicking an interment location will take you to a list of all the people interred at that location for whom we have obituaries.

Prefix First name Middle name Maiden name Last name Publication date Interment location
View details Mr. Sam Weaver Dec 5, 1964 Arab Memorial Cemetery
View details Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" Weaver Nov 21, 1947 Roselawn Cemetery
View details Infant (F) Shannon E. Weaver Jun 26, 1967 Maple Hill Cemetery
View details Shelly Weaver Jun 29, 1985 Asbury Cemetery
View details Thelma Earlene WEAVER Feb 17, 1998
View details Mrs. Willa Jean Weaver Dec 10, 1978 Maple Hill Cemetery
View details Mr. William B. Weaver Feb 27, 1978 Maple Hill Cemetery
View details Infant (M) William James Weaver Jun 2, 1961 Maple Hill Cemetery
View details Willie Mae Hallman Weaver Jan 21, 2010
View details Barbara Jo WEAVIL Apr 16, 2005
View details Allen G. WEBB Feb 2, 2005
View details Alta Serena Graham WEBB Mar 15, 2006
View details Child (M) Barry Russell Webb Jan 17, 1975
View details Ben WEBB Feb 13, 1998
View details Benny Lee WEBB Feb 12, 1998
View details Billie Gene WEBB Dec 27, 1998
View details Mr. Billy Webb Aug 16, 1985 Cedar Hill Cemetery
View details Billy B. Webb Aug 15, 1985
View details Billy Randall WEBB Sep 14, 1998
View details Camilla Jo Roberts WEBB Mar 24, 1998
View details Carrie Thelma Webb Nov 18, 1986 Panquin Cemetery
View details Mrs. Cassie Turpin Webb Jan 16, 1940 Paint Rock Cemetery
View details Celestine D. WEBB Mar 12, 2006
View details Clemmie Webb Nov 19, 1988 Beulah Cemetery
View details Mrs. Cora Webb Nov 28, 1958 Walker Cemetery, Guntersville, AL
View details Daisy Wright WEBB Mar 2, 1998
View details Dewey L. WEBB Mar 16, 1998
View details Mr. Dewey Lee Webb Oct 23, 1940 Maple Hill Cemetery
View details Dwayne S. WEBB Feb 17, 1998
View details Mr. Edgar Dowdy Webb Feb 18, 1986