The Huntsville Times

These are all the people in this index whose obituaries appeared in the publication The Huntsville Times. Click "View details" to view information about their obituary. Clicking an interment location will take you to a list of all the people interred at that location for whom we have obituaries.

Prefix First name Middle name Maiden name Last name Publication date Interment location
View details Joan Carol ZELICKSON Nov 16, 1998
View details Sophie Anna Marie ZELOBOWSKI Oct 6, 2004
View details Eleanore Mikrut ZEMAN Nov 16, 2006
View details Edwin E. ZENDLER Dec 15, 2006
View details Mr. Gordon D. Zettler Jr. Oct 10, 1978 Elmwood Cemetery
View details William J. ZIAK Oct 29, 1998
View details Mr. Lawrence Ralph Ziegler Feb 1, 1963 Bush Cemetery
View details Mrs. Virginia B. Ziegler Mar 19, 1967
View details Walter R. Ziemba Dec 8, 1988
View details Hans Jurgen ZIESCH Nov 6, 2005
View details Mr. Wayne "Yank" Zilbert Nov 10, 1985 Pine Haven Memorial Garden Cemetery
View details Mr. Albert J. Zills Dec 23, 1964
View details David O. ZILLS Aug 31, 2006
View details Mr. Vincent B. Zimmerly Apr 14, 1963
View details Arlene Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN May 26, 2004
View details Art ZIMMERMAN Jun 27, 2006
View details James Lee ZIMMERMAN Dec 24, 2004
View details Kevin ZIMMERMAN Oct 28, 2005
View details Laura E. ZIMMERMAN Oct 22, 1998
View details Mrs. Savannah Zimmerman Nov 19, 1959 New Live Oak Cemetery
View details Werner ZIMMERMAN Aug 6, 1998
View details Mr. Edward Shelley Zimmerman Jr. Mar 6, 1986 Valhalla Memorial Gardens Cemetery
View details Jeffrey J. Zimmermann Dec 17, 1984
View details Mr. Anthony Alford Zimmermannn Sep 6, 1978 Donaldson National Cemetery
View details Miss Irene Zisanitch Oct 28, 1949
View details Brenda Oliver ZITANI Aug 30, 2006
View details Julia Clara ZOLL Apr 16, 2004
View details Mrs. John Zolyak Nov 6, 1949
View details Mr. Richard M. Zook Apr 15, 1968 Peoria, IL
View details Mr. John C. Zornes Sr. Oct 3, 1964 Walker Cemetery