The Huntsville Times

These are all the people in this index whose obituaries appeared in the publication The Huntsville Times. Click "View details" to view information about their obituary. Clicking an interment location will take you to a list of all the people interred at that location for whom we have obituaries.

Prefix First name Middle name Maiden name Last name Publication date Interment location
View details Willard WHISENANT Dec 18, 2005
View details Mr. William B. Whisenant Apr 29, 1978 Mt. Olive Cemetery
View details Mr. Kenneth C. Whisinant Apr 28, 1985 Rescue Methodist Church Cemetery
View details Thomas A. Whisinant Dec 9, 1978 New Canaan Cemetery
View details Mr. Whitaker Jan 16, 1952 Hayden, AL
View details Albert Zedra WHITAKER Dec 4, 2004
View details Albert Zedra WHITAKER Dec 5, 2004
View details Mr. Beedie Whitaker Jun 10, 1937 Sibley Place
View details Mr. Beedie N. Whitaker Jun 9, 1937 Sibley Place
View details Bertha Whitaker Feb 1, 2002 Rainsville Church of Christ Cemetery
View details Child (F) Betty Joan Whitaker Jun 15, 1947 Augusta, GA
View details Billy N. WHITAKER Dec 16, 2005
View details Mr. Charlie Ward Whitaker Jan 26, 1969 Whitaker Cemetery
View details Mrs. Cora Buford Whitaker Aug 6, 1950 Hayden, AL
View details Mrs. Daisy Smith Whitaker Jan 8, 1964
View details Mr. Daniel Riley Whitaker Feb 4, 1940 Hayden, AL
View details Mr. David Wayne Whitaker Feb 6, 1977 Prospect Cemetery
View details Dorothy Earnestine WHITAKER Jan 16, 2006
View details Mr. E. J. Whitaker Jan 28, 1967 Whitaker Cemetery
View details Mr. Edwin Whitaker Apr 29, 1986 Providence, Rhode Island
View details Egzal Counsel Whitaker Oct 27, 1985 Whitaker Cemetery
View details Elige Simon WHITAKER Oct 9, 2005
View details Mr. Elijah Whitaker Jan 27, 1967 New Hope Cemetery
View details Mr. Elijah Jackson Whitaker Aug 26, 1956 Camp Ground Cemetery
View details Mrs. Elizabeth Daniel Whitaker Oct 15, 1940 Tennessee
View details Mr. Emmett Eugene Whitaker Jun 8, 1963 Whitaker Cemetery
View details Mr. Ervin B Whitaker Jan 16, 1987
View details Mr. Ervin B Whitaker Jan 17, 1987
View details Mrs. Evelyn Bobo Whitaker May 30, 1974
View details Glen Whitaker Jan 22, 2010 Maple Hill Cemetery