The Huntsville Times

These are all the people in this index whose obituaries appeared in the publication The Huntsville Times. Click "View details" to view information about their obituary. Clicking an interment location will take you to a list of all the people interred at that location for whom we have obituaries.

Prefix First name Middle name Maiden name Last name Publication date Interment location
View details Albert G. WOOSLEY Mar 4, 1998
View details Brad Woosley Mar 21, 1934
View details Mr. Claude Woosley Aug 5, 1978 Cedar Hill Cemetery
View details Ernest Woosley Nov 23, 1988 Pace Cemetery
View details Fred Woosley Jan 19, 1985 Shiloh Cemetery
View details Mr. J. E. Woosley May 5, 1947 Paint Rock Cemetery
View details Jackie Maurice WOOSLEY Jun 18, 2004
View details Jim WOOSLEY Aug 28, 1998
View details Mr. Joseph Monroe Woosley Aug 27, 1978 Berry Cemetery
View details Mr. Lawson Dee Woosley Jan 21, 1951 Leesville, LA
View details Mrs. Maggie Woosley Jan 7, 1957 Blue Springs Cemetery
View details Mrs. Sallie Woosley Aug 2, 1960 Paint Rock Cemetery
View details Mrs. Viola E. Woosley Aug 17, 1959 Paint Rock Cemetery
View details Alvin WOOTEN Jun 28, 2005
View details Berma WOOTEN Jul 9, 2005
View details Mrs. Cecil Creel Wooten Sep 24, 1964 Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL
View details Charles Wayne Wooten Dec 4, 1988 Town Creek Cemetery
View details Dale Lynn Harris WOOTEN May 21, 2004
View details Mr. Dewey C. Wooten Oct 2, 1978 Town Creek Cemetery
View details Miss Doris Ann Wooten Jan 22, 1953
View details Mr. Dorthan Orville Wooten Jan 9, 1975
View details Mrs. Essie Wooten Oct 30, 1985 Free Home Baptist Church Cemetery
View details Eunice Gooch WOOTEN Jul 5, 1998
View details Mr. Gilbert Wooten Nov 20, 1952 Maple Hill Cemetery
View details Mr. James Derward Wooten Sep 13, 1973 Town Creek Cemetery
View details Joe WOOTEN May 29, 2004
View details Mr. John W Wooten Jan 4, 1981 Town Creek Cemetery
View details Leon Sr. WOOTEN Dec 19, 2005
View details Mrs. Leona Wooten Feb 11, 1964
View details Mrs. Lola Hardeman Wooten Aug 29, 1973 Wesley Chapel Cemetery