The Huntsville Weekly Times

These are all the people in this index whose obituaries appeared in the publication The Huntsville Weekly Times. Click "View details" to view information about their obituary. Clicking an interment location will take you to a list of all the people interred at that location for whom we have obituaries.

Prefix First name Middle name Maiden name Last name Publication date Interment location
View details Mr. George Hall Nov 27, 1930
View details Miss Irene Hall Mar 7, 1935 Maple Hill Cemetery
View details Maj. W. H. Halsey Jul 14, 1932
View details Mr. Thomas Franklin Hames Mar 27, 1986 New Sharon Cemetery
View details Earl Gordon Hammick Nov 10, 1986 Valhalla Memory Gardens Cemetery
View details Mr. George Hammond Jul 18, 1935
View details Child (F) Bernice Hannah Apr 23, 1968
View details Mr. M. C. Harbin Mar 19, 1931
View details Mrs. Nannie Holman Harbin Aug 22, 1935
View details Mr. Pearl Harbin Jul 7, 1932
View details Mr. William Jasper Harbin Mar 7, 1964
View details Zachary Starrett Harbour Jan 17, 2002 DeKalb Memorial Gardens
View details Mrs. Fletcher Hardiman Mar 15, 1959
View details Mrs. E. C. Hardison Jul 2, 1959
View details Mr. Berle Harman Mar 28, 1935
View details Mr. Newt Harris Mar 20, 1930
View details Mr. S. F. Harris Dec 4, 1930
View details Mrs. Lella Mae Harrison Nov 2, 1964
View details Mr. William T. Harrison Jan 8, 1965
View details Mrs. Gertrude N. Harte Nov 21, 1935 Virginia
View details Mr. John H. Harwell Sep 4, 1930
View details Mr. Joseph C. Hawkins Jul 5, 1967 Marshall Memory Gardens Cemetery
View details Mr. Joseph W. Hawkins Sr. Mar 24, 1968 Woodlawn Cemetery, Nashville, TN
View details Mrs. Amos Hayes Sep 15, 1927
View details Mr. Amos Hayes Sep 15, 1927
View details Mr. James Hayes Sep 15, 1927
View details Mrs. Pearly Heard Sep 28, 1978 Warren Cemetery
View details Mr. James D. Henshaw Jan 22, 1931
View details Mr. Charles Edward Henson Dec 15, 1959
View details Mrs. Susie Mae Herrin Apr 4, 1935 Collier Cemetery