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Prefix First name Middle name Maiden name Last name Publication date Newspaper name Interment location
View details Betty Ina Wright Sep 7, 2007 The Huntsville Times
View details Mrs. Birdie Wright Apr 24, 1978 The Huntsville Times Cedar Hill Cemetery
View details Mr. Brant Millard Wright May 14, 1964 The Huntsville Times Marshall Memorial Gardens Cemetery
View details Mr. C. H. Wright Mar 11, 1940 The Huntsville Times North Carolina
View details Cecil WRIGHT Mar 17, 2006 The Huntsville Times
View details Mr. Cecil Earl Wright Feb 5, 1964 The Huntsville Times Forrest Home Methodist Church Cemetery
View details Charles Brown WRIGHT Feb 19, 2004 The Huntsville Times
View details Mr. Charles J. Wright Jan 18, 1969 The Huntsville Times Pleasant Hill Cemetery
View details Mrs. Cleo Luna Wright Apr 27, 1985 The Huntsville Times Wrights Cemetery
View details Mr. Coke S. Wright Aug 23, 1960 The Huntsville Times Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL
View details Mrs. Collie Wright Mar 19, 1963 The Huntsville Times Rehobeth Cemetery
View details Maj. Daniel Wright Jun 9, 1838 The Democrat
View details Mr. Daniel Leland Wright Feb 8, 1969 The Huntsville Times Rice Baptist Church Cemetery
View details Mr. Dave Wright Jan 23, 1946 The Huntsville Times Kennamer Cemetery
View details Mrs. Delie Mizell Wright Jul 12, 1985 The Huntsville Times Thrasher Cemetery
View details Dennis WRIGHT Jul 26, 1998 The Huntsville Times
View details Mr. Dennis Wright Jun 26, 1986 The Huntsville Times Hillcrest Cemetery
View details Dennis Wright Jul 1, 1986 The Huntsville Times Hillcrest Cemetery
View details Mrs. Doria Dianne Wright Mar 26, 1958 The Huntsville Times New Straight Street Church Cemetery
View details Mrs. Doris Payne Wright Oct 5, 1978 The Huntsville Times Greenville Cemetery
View details Mrs. Dorothy Jaunese Johnston Wright Jun 24, 1961 The Huntsville Times Asbury Methodist Church Cemetery
View details Mr. Earnest Wright May 26, 1960 The Huntsville Times Maple Hill Cemetery
View details Miss Edith Wright Jun 7, 1906 The Journal
View details Mrs. Edna Wright Apr 22, 1963 The Huntsville Times Elmwood Cemetery
View details Elbert WRIGHT Oct 31, 2006 The Huntsville Times
View details Mr. Elbert B. Wright Sep 21, 1949 The Huntsville Times Rose Hill Cemetery
View details Elbert Jackson Wright Dec 31, 1984 The Huntsville Times Huntsville Memory Gardens Cemetery
View details Elbert Jr. WRIGHT Sep 9, 2004 The Huntsville Times
View details Mr. Eldridge E. Wright Jan 22, 1912 The Huntsville Daily Times
View details Elgie WRIGHT Mar 12, 2005 The Huntsville Times Limestone Memorial Gardens